WP7.1 Dissemination.

In terms of science productivity, the project is organized to guarantee scientific success in WP1 to WP6 in an independent way.

Academic dissemination. Journal and conference publications will be planned every year with the graduate students’ and Post-doc’s publications based on the development of their individual work. In order to maximize the dissemination, selected innovations, new methods, and theoretical topics in artificial intelligence will target scientific journals of IEEE. When the focus is on seismicity and volcanology, targets will include geophysical journals. We will participate in assemblies of the IEEE, EGU, AGU, and other conferences such as IAVCEI or Cities on Volcanoes.

Exploitation of results and intellectual property. Many of the scientific and technical results of FEMALE have great potential for societal impact through their development of new applications of seismic methods and their application to volcanic processes, hazard and risk. Direct participation of stakeholders will help to explore this potential.

Free Software. We will produce in the Python environment algorithms and interfaces with the cloud infrastructure that can be deployed in seismological observatories to seismically monitor volcanoes. This framework will be self-contained in a Docker environment, which makes it suitable for cloud deployment at scale. The codes will be open-access, easily accessible from any of our social media platforms, and hosted in open-source version control and source code platforms (e.g. Github).

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